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These plants grow from bulbs, like spring tulips and daffodils, but alliums typically bloom a bit later than the spring bulbs, beginning in late spring and flowering well into summer. That makes them valuable anyway, but they are also have some of the most strikingly architectural flowers you can grow in the UK. Allium christophii AL-ee-um kris-TOFF-ee-eye. We deliver these plus a range of planting accessories across mainland UK. Bulb Delivery - Due to increased levels of demand, please allow up to 3 weeks for despatch. Some alliums are very big bulbs indeed and are best planted in individual holes. Don’t confuse drumstick alliums with drumstick flowers (Scabiosa stellata), also known as starflowers.This plant is a member of the honeysuckle family (Caprifoliaceae) and the flower clusters have a similar shape, but it is otherwise completely different from the drumstick allium. Copyright © 2020 Ashridge Trees Limited. No reason why not. Spectacular seed heads 10" across hold up in garden a long time- color bleaches to a creamy straw color --do pick for indoor decoration before winter. Leave the spent flowerheads standing over winter to provide winter interest. They need full sun and bloom from early spring to early summer. Plant allium bulbs once the trees start losing their leaves. But it might help if you look at the choices like this: Then, for sheer size, look at Allium giganteum, for the most exquisite flowers on tall stems try Allium Purple Rain otherwise Allium Purple Sensation is the most popular large allium for good reason. Grow Allium cristophii in well-drained soil in a warm sunny site. Mulch annually with well-rotted manure or compost. So try to make sure that they are covered with at least three times the height of the bulb in soil. How to Plant Allium bulbs. Dogs, Toxic to Previous Next. - George Bernard Shaw . Beneficial insects, Does not attract How to plant and grow allium bulbs Sarah's top tips on how to plant and grow allium bulbs for fantastic flowers in the garden or vase. The three above will be fine at the back of a wide border where you have taller subjects. How to Plant Allium bulbs They are all pretty good. Bees, Does not attract Alliums are not great grown all by themsleves as their leaves are fading and look relatively unattractive just as the flowers open. Planting Alliums When to Plant Alliums. Shorter under 2' so Suitable for potBecause the leaves are an ugly disaster before flowering. Allium christophii bears the largest flowers in the genus. Roots tend to form in the fall. It nectar-pollen-rich-flowers. Christophii blooms in late spring to early summer and the dried seed heads last for months. The enormous, 8-10" globes are violet-pink with a silvery sheen. Plant bulbs in the fall. Allium cristophii is a real stunner with orbs of flower up to 9in across that shimmer and sparkle in the late spring sunshine. Not too big an ask as the sort  you find in rose beds, herbaceous borders and kitchen gardens is ideal. At the front of the border the shorter but huge flowered metallic blue Allium Christophii looks fantastic. Allium cristophii is known for attracting bees, butterflies​/​moths and other pollinators. Outdoor Beds Find a location where the soil drains well. The ideal months are from September to mid November but as late as the middle of December is acceptable. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. If the soil is moist there’s no need to water them in. On that basis, plant them where you do not have to disturb them for 3-4 years. They do not like to be exposed fully to the elements. Plant new bulbs 3-6" deep and 10-12" apart in fall. Otherwise for height use Red Mohican (red) or and Allium Silver Spring (mainly white with a little purple). With the notable exception of Sicilian Honey Garlic (which likes damp soil in shade), the other alliums as members of the onion family love the sun. Plants may self-seed in the garden. Remember that the top of the allium is pointed, but if in dount plant the bulb on its side. Hardy bulbs such as giant alliums require very little care after planting because they will remain dormant until the following spring. Attractive to A dome of spiky little florets give this allium a sparkling brilliance. In early summer, it bears umbels that are 10 to 12 inches in diameter, and contain up to 100 star-shaped fuchsia flowers with a metallic sheen. Aftercare is a piece of cake. Plant bulbs in early autumn at a depth of about four times the diameter of the bulbs. Horses, No reported toxicity to This is why it’s important to know which types of allium you’re planting and where they are going. Or amend the soil with the addition of organic material to raise the level 2-3" to improve the drainage. They also like relatively deep rich soil. This is really important for them to flower well. Other pollinators, Toxic to Peat moss, compost, ground bark or decomposed manure all work well and a Hi, just a note to let you know that we do use cookies to help us determine what our customers really want and therefore to give them the great service that they deserve. Fill in the holes, tread down well and mark clearly. Soil type . In spring, when growth starts to appear, apply a balanced fertiliser to poor soils. All Rights Reserved. Provide support for tall varieties or those with large flower heads. "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." Butterflies​/​Moths, Attractive to Full sun in well-drained soil (add griton heavy soils). This bulbous perennial produces ribbed stems and strap-shaped, gray-green basal leaves that decline as its flowers form. You can lift alliums every year, but to be honest they do better if they are allowed to settle in and I prefer to only lift clumps when they are over. It’s enough to bring tears to your eyes. The other thing to think about is underplanting. 0. Sometimes called the ‘Star of Persia,’ Allium cristophii is native to Turkey and Iran. Delivery. Available in an assortment of shades and sizes, these versatile plants are perfect for any garden, big or small. Alliums are a large group of plants that include leeks, onions and garlic. Allium Christophii. Even by a wife who has a nose like a bloodhound! Established plants may be divided in fall. Excellent as cut … Hardy clump forming perennial. Origin: Asia (particularly Turkey and Iran) and Europe (especially in the Mediterranean area) Related Videos. Return to Content. An ideal choice for rock gardens or pathways where the flowers can be admired up close. Although the plant is low growing at 50cm in height, the flower-head is enormous . The allium plant is related to the simple garden onion, but don’t let this deter you from planting it for its beautiful blooms.In fact, minimal allium care and a show of large, early-to-late season blooms are just a couple of the reasons to include the ornamental allium plant in the garden. This plant is perfect for front borders or large pots and containers. Plant allium bulbs in autumn, at least four times the depth of the size of bulb. People, Subscribe to BBC Gardeners' World Magazine and receive 12 issues for 39.99 - saving 39%. Alliums not only look good when in full bloom, as the spent flowerheads can be left to dry on the plant to provide architectural interest through autumn and winter. The Royal Horticultural Society has given it the Award of Garden Merit (AGM). Buy star of Persia ( syn. They are big bulbs and lose moisture relatively quickly when out of the ground. Alliums will grow perfectly well in a well-drained soil. As already mentioned, a sunny spot with ferile soil and good drainage is best. Nectaroscordum will take some shade and self sows so take care where you plant it. Both parent species are hardy, surviving winters in the United States to USDA Zones 4 and 5, and they feature tall flower stalks, or inflorescences, between 2 and 3 feet in height. You may also notice a few sprouts in the fall if you live in warmer climates, but most stems and buds form in the spring. I had some in a border but their foliage is so fine OH weeded them thinking they were grass. "Like fireworks frozen at moment of explosion" pavord. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. It may be because people believe that as members of the onion family p[eople think they smell of onions. Plant smaller growing alliums 7.5-10cm (3-4in) apart, and taller species need at least 20cm (8in) between the bulbs… Oct 26, 2020 - Metallic! Mulch in early spring along with your roses or the nerbaceous border. The ideal months are from September to mid November but as late as the middle of December is acceptable. Autumn & early winter - which is peak bulb planting time for so many bulbs - is also the best time for alliums. So prepare their planting site early. Flowering alliums can handle a short period of drought. The globes will look stunning when covered by a hard frost - particularly those of Allium christophii. Well, we have half a dozen different varieties from our range of alliums for sale in our relatively small garden at home and they have multiplied over the years, so we can have better than 100 in flower at once. We also use cookies to enable you to buy products from us online in a convenient and secure manner. Usually, you can plant them any date between late September and late November as long as the ground hasn't frozen yet. Over the past ten years, the number of Allium varieties has exploded. Just make sure the pot is deep and fairly large and the compost is kept moist in the growing season. Grow on individual seedlings in small pots until of sufficient size to be potted on or planted out into the open ground. It’s better to plant them too deeply than too shallow. Artificial heat is not needed and can prevent germination so be very patient as many species will only germinate in the spring after chilling or freezing in the moist seed tray in the winter. Spherical clusters 8-12" across, composed of many amethyst blue star shaped flowers that are 1/2" wide. Allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings. Cut each head off, leaving approximately 2 inches of stem. Tey Spring Green or White Triumphator. With alliums it is a good idea to plant soon after receipt. Allium christophii: Synonym: Allium albopilosum, Stars of Persia: Bulb Size: 12–14cm: Catalog Page (2020) 139: Flower Color: Silvery Pink: Bloom Time: Very Late: Height: 18-22 inches: Sunlight: Full (6+ hours sun per day) Soil: Well-drained: Resistant to Deer Good for Cutting Depth of Planting Hole: 5 inches: Spacing: 8 inches apart: Density: 1-2 per sq. Short ones like karataviense (6”), ‘Graceful’ (10”), christophii (18″) and schubertii (15”) can be planted near the front of a flower bed where they are easy to admire. Grow Allium cristophii in well-drained soil in a warm sunny site. These are bulbs which originate from mainly dry summer climates so an attempt to imitate this will work in their favour. Allium cristophii, the Persian onion or star of Persia, is a species of flowering plant in the family Amaryllidaceae, native to Iran, Turkey, and Turkmenistan, though grown as an ornamental bulbous plant in many parts of the world. ft. Bulb Calculator. Depending on the height of the allium, tall alliums look great at the back of a border and small varieties are well-suited for containers. Leave the spent flowerheads standing over winter to provide winter interest.

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