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Cats are experts at hiding illness. Cats have a reputation for being elusive and mercurial, however, if your buddy has had a sudden change in behavior that’s not in character, they may be in pain. Any insight or thoughts or advice is much appreciated. The vet thinks maybe allergies? Cat hiding behavior is not unusual and is a normal feline response. This is my first cat so I'm very new to everything. The shelter was quite far so he had to ride home in a cat carrier for 2 hours. Even cats in single-pet homes tend to have the instinct to self-protect. He was shy at the shelter but I coaxed him into letting me pet him a few times. Everything startles her, but she's not a hider. One of the worst things for any dog owner is to see their pet cowering in fear without having any clue what’s going on. My usually-bold cat is suddenly scared of everything (sudden movements, noises), and acting like he is seeing something that is not there. Behind a long curtain. When your cat hides, he is doing so to stay safe and warm, and when your cat hisses he is saying, “Back off — this is my personal space.” Hiding Makes Cats Feel Safe. It will likely be enjoyable to be showered with affection from your cat. Hiding your belongings and clothing; In the short-term, do not cave into an attention-seeking cat. He has no energy and not eating as well. She also gets along great with our boy cat. Common reasons why your cat may cower and want to avoid the public spotlight include one or more of the following conditions: a medical problem, pain, fear or stress. My cat is suddenly slinking around the house scared and looking at nothing that I can see. Under furniture. She had been abused before I got her and I was the only one she bonded with. Shes fine. Please help anyone !! My cat suddenly started hiding under the bed, he seems to be scared of something in the living room..? Cats withdraw suddenly from life and hide the day away when something is just not right in their universe. While they may not have the cognitive ability to understand the reasons behind their illness, they do know that a weakened physical state makes them vulnerable. Cats react to sickness and injury in different ways, and some cats react by hiding away while they heal, recover, or go through their pain or sickness in the safety of a cocoon-like environment. Unfortunately, dogs can’t tell you what had made them so scared, until someone invents that dog-to-human translator. If your cat has suddenly disappeared and you have no idea where they might be hiding, here are their favourite areas to hide in at home: Under the bed. This is mainly applicable to younger cats that may not have experienced this particular illness before. Also, he is losing fur around his face . More quiet cats can become clingy or demanding and the fear of strangers that all cats seem to share can become heightened when a cat is sad. He has been at the shelter for 4 years. How to Calm a Scared Cat . My first cat as an adult actually saved my life. If you are wondering Why Is Your Cat Scared All Of a Sudden, this article will help you to figure out.. He does have - Answered by a verified Cat Veterinarian. While it might not make any sense to you, your cat is trying to communicate with you. My cat Momo is 1yr and 4mo old, she's a tortoise shell domestic short-hair, and today is the second time I've witnessed this activity, it happens very suddenly, and she acts jumpy, skittish, crouches low to the ground and stares at nothing like something is dangering her life. In general, cats are a scary creature of god. If you have an otherwise outgoing cat who suddenly hides, it could be an indicator that there is an underlying problem. 7 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Acting Scared All of a Sudden. Today, though, he spent the day hiding in my closet and in his cat tree. If separating himself from the family is out of character, hiding under the bed may be a sign of illness or injury and may require intervention. Why Is My Cat Scared All of a Sudden? She's very loving and especially adores my boyfriend. I immediately googled it and realized it was Feline Hyperthesia. To calm a scared cat, don’t walk towards them with your hands out to pick them up. They will see you as a threat. The most obvious behavior changes are increased movement, hiding, destruction, and excessive vocalization. She is 100% indoor, always loving and kissing, never bites, loves to eat and cuddles with us every night. Anytime someone would even really face him, he would run off and hide under my bed. He previously had struvite crystals in his bladder a few months ago which were removed with surgery, but recovered well. After living together under the same roof for years, your cat who is usually bold and playful is suddenly acting weird and scared. He does has an injury on his leg he has been licking. I have 2 cats one is tame and one is a scared cat, we have just moved house and I managed to move one of my cats into a cage but the scared one ran away before I could put her in her cage so she is still at the old house but won't came out of hiding and she is scared of the new tenants . She has always been super neurotic and nervous. The first issue could be an illness. However, if we see that a cat is hiding and doesn't want to come out, seems scared of other people or is overly alert to stimuli, it is possible they are in pain. ... My Cat Has Become Very Clingy. An anxious cat may have physical reactions such as increased heart and respiratory rates, panting, trembling, and salivation. Cat anxiety can cause bodily reactions and changes in your cat’s behavior. A cat being scared is often no reason to be alarmed. I did take him to the vet and she is not sure . I had everything ready on the counter when she jumped up and I realized that if I died she would too. Inside a cardboard box, one of their favourite places. In the wild, predators, rivals and other dangers can threaten their well-being, so hiding is a form of protection. When a dog is sick, they tend to hide so they can find a safe and isolated shelter. He arrived at the shelter very scared but has since mellowed out. If your cat is hiding under the bed, it may be a simple matter of preference, or because he’s temporarily overwhelmed and needs a little break. Such as the following: 01. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. As much as they are cute and adorable, at the same time, they fear a lot. Clingy or hiding or changes in personality: A sad cat may lose interest in the activities that used to engage him, become reclusive, and hide. Although some cats may recover from this themselves, some may need help or even professional treatment to regain their previous self. He sees me, starts to run, but if I kneel down and put my hand out, it's like he recognizes me and he comes to me and rubs against me and purrs. The worst reason for your cat suddenly seeming scared of you is if they are experiencing illness. My concern about my scared cat Orville's behavior has to do with the fact that he is FIV +. It may be a clue that something is bothering your cat, either stress, fear or possible sickness. If your cat is scared suddenly, I am confident there must be a reason you aren't aware of it.. Yesterday afternoon, my cat suddenly got really skiddish. Why is my cat scared to come out of hiding suddenly? There are several reasons why your cat may suddenly be afraid of you. My cat is usually really social. He didn't really eat a lot of his wet food breakfast, which is usually a big event in this house. But if your usually adventurous cat is suddenly hiding despite no significant changes to their routine or environment, your kitty may be injured or ill. Treating fear in cats The first thing to do when we see our cat displaying signs of excessive fear is to take them to the vet. I was in a horribly abusive marriage and it seemed that suicide was the only way out. It can make them get defensive, paranoid, and hide from you. Why would my cat suddenly be afraid of me? In the wild, this instinct can protect them from predators or other cats that might be a threat. Unlike dogs, it is not always easy to detect signs of pain in cats, however, we can see that the cat is hiding and does not want to go out, it seems scared, it is afraid of another cat or people in the home (when before He did not have it) and even seems to be suddenly afraid of … Loves to be cuddled, loves being around people, always crawls in my lap. If your cat all of a sudden decides to start hiding for long periods of time or changes her hiding behavior, you will want to make a trip to the veterinarian to make sure everything is ok. My cat has suddenly started acting nervous/ scared. She exhibited pretty much all the symptoms, including getting scared suddenly, darting at imaginary objects, being generally nervous and conscious etc. Im trying to be patient but i dont want my baby being scared of cats or scared in her own home of her pet. Jan 30, 2016: Scared cat NEW by: Katie Hi there . A few weeks ago, I noticed that Topsy, comparatively shy out of the two, was experiencing some twitching on her back. He was pretty listless after his "scared of me" period yesterday, which … I … Anal gland is fine , no fever, no fleas. I do not know what happened to my cat either. If your cat is suddenly clingy, you may not mind at first. I've had him for at least 4 months and he's been very playful and normal. Cat suddenly very scared and hiding. She does spend time in my roommates room, on the bed, he can come in the room, and she doesnt move. Why? Just a few days ago he out of no where ran under my grandmother's bed, it was really a spur of the moment thing.. when I get him out from under the bed and bring him into the living room, he stares at the ceiling and begins to panic. My boyfriend and I have two indoor cats, one of whom is a six year old girl. Okay so I have a cat I call Buddy and I got him from being abandoned by some people at my sister's work. He still eats and drinks some, but I keep finding him in the weirdest and smallest of hiding places completely … Today's house cat has the same tendency to avoid vulnerability, even if the only potential threat is a housemate. My cat has suddenly taken to hiding, when he never did that before, and he seems unhappy or in distress. When you are trying to tell your cat that everything is okay and that they can come out of their hiding, here’s what you should do: Try to move gradually and gently.If you move fast in a bid to catch him, your already-scared cat will get even more anxious and may even try to attack you out of panic. It's like he doesn't recognize us for a second. Coax them with treats and a calm, soothing voice. In the wild, cats hunt alone. Illness. Any changes in your cat’s behaviour warrants concern and that includes hiding. Related: My dog is acting strange and hiding. I have a long thread in health about living with an FIV+ cat when you have FIV - ones. Inside open suitcases or backpacks. Cat suddenly scared by: Anonymous ... My cat is scared of me ever since I boarded her... by: AnonymousAutumn ... She has let me pet her if shes hiding in her kennel, and she had come to my had a couple times to rub on me. I literally just made an account 5 minutes ago because I'm really concerned for my cat. It’s very normal for cats to be afraid of sudden or new situations. Very scared. A pheromone spray or a collar is a temporary relief that you can also try. Under blankets, bedspreads or rugs. In my home, each of our five cats hide for various reasons, and in conjunction with their different personalities. CMiller on August 29, 2016: I picked up a cat my Dad has been caring for and can no longer manage ( he had five) and brought her home, three states away.

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