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If the race hustlers and their white liberal enablers idea now is to claim that white people are all vicious murderers, do they expect to engender anything but contempt among whites? Nucky was, as she put it, the first man in her life that wasn’t cruel to her. I’m not sure it’s that simple. These measures are being passed ostensibly to protect the adult patient, so I mean procedures with similar risk or complication in that vein. IT’S ALREADY ILLEGAL TO SELL PORN TO KIDS. Not to mention the fact that obviously going through this alkalization process, you’re processing the cocoa. ” Irish people are also more likely than average to end up with Tay-Sachs.”. But you are not, you are more advocating that 7/11s only operate in a certain part of town because they happen to sell cigarettes. That means the creme in a Double Stuf Oreo is 7 percent lighter than two times the creme in a regular Oreo. Martin/Zimmerman sure got a hell of a lot of attention in these parts. But your opinion should override and control over others? The news is “mob boss that the government let kill a bunch of people for thirty years is on trial.” No mention of that whole “government let him kill people” side of the story. The reason I drop the Mao quote about power flowing from the barrel of a gun is because it’s true. “For example, when one compares children of divorced parents to children of unhappily married families the issue is not clear.”. It is not censorship, but it is government interference in the same vein as required government labeling. Can you tell whether it was last week or 20 years ago? Well, use incorporation then. But verily Government Almighty doth sayeth unto thou, “Blessed are those who put their fingers to the winds, and read them correctly. That it happens to be relatively (but not exactly) descriptive is beside the point. Yes, Edward, your sperm must be protected! 33% of 310million is over 100 million people. Guess I’ll just give up on the whole Middle Way thing, and thanks to Sevo I don’t even have Christianity to fall back on. No, the new porn I describe is not a romance movie in the slightest bit. They’re just frustrated with the obvious double standard. What if the doublestuf are 2 units of stuf, and the regular cookies are 1.1 units of stuf? Love punishing the Capitalist rip-off artists. So what is it about? How so? So, I try not to mention the series in front of him. This is no different. 3-Pack Oreo Family Size Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (various options) $8.03 ($2.68 each) w/ S&S + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on orders over $25. Maybe you should copyright your explanation? Here is the definition of ‘extremist’ from the document. I've somehow avoided the non-Oreo flavored Oreos for the most part. Palin, seriously. What happened the night of the Martin shooting was very hazy which is what allowed the story to spiral out of control and get manipulated by the left. (Considering the hubbub over Subway sandwiches that measured less than the advertised 12 inches, parent company Mondelez might want to up the creme in these babies.) Ah. In other words, more porn=less rape. Cigarettes and some other drugs have demonstrably harmful side effects, and I’m not against prohibitions against selling to children given the special case they represent, though there are definite gray areas not worth getting into right now. And that wife could find her husband unsatisfying because he doesn’t treat her like Fabio does on the cover of her steamy romance novels. The racial hysterics were about OJ being victimized by bigoted LA cops who used the word “nigger”. Coupon by BBQchicken. It’s more about the double standard. But unlike Skyler, Margaret has the strength of conviction to leave Nucky when he starts acting cruel to her and puts her children in danger from other gangsters. Archduke T for Prime Minister! As the hatred of Skyler blurred into loathing for me as a person, I saw glimpses of an anger that, at first, simply bewildered me. There is some serious trolling going on around these parts. Now that’s a rip-off. Is it possible to believe that the suits are justified but still really dumb? Well you should, it’s broccoli and all those chemicals are good for you. Sure, damages would be small per person, but the proponents of a lawsuit acknowledge this in the article. Dang, now you make me want to pour through the show again! Ira Glass annoys the hell out of me so I don’t listen to This American Life. Fuck em. This is done with little or no remorse as long as it is in the service of defeating the Communists, Fascists, or whomever. 33% of 310million is over 100 million people. Haven’t a lot of those stories come out of the Australian and British media? Lack of censorship is a sign of a society that no longer cares about these distinctions or has lost its ability to make them. That’s simply amazing how someone could gloss over the entire “Wife’s fucking someone else” part to say “Oh, he’s only mad because they’re both white.”. “And the libertarian issue in these cases is?”. The fact that she brought up diet right after mentioning sickle-cell and diabetes is strong evidence for, what we call in the field of Pragmatics, “implicature“. If this reminded you of yet another instance of life riffing on The Onion or Ron Swanson, you're not alone. Notice that the name “Oreo” doesn’t promise anything about the product? Some kind of genetic experiment, or something. Why do you think they said ‘double stuf’? If you want to put someone outside the protection of the law, first charge them with some specific crime and give them a chance to show in court to answer the charges. You made an assumption. If you want to argue that it won’t make a practical difference that’s something else altogether and you are probably right.…..87489.html. It only changes the addresses where the sales can take place. He should have known it before he posted. It’s not like Reason came out against Zimmerman. If you don’t have the facts you pound the table with feelings. The 70’s-80’s: Yurp! What is using one’s personal morality to assist in interpreting the world as long as one refrains from initiating force against others? This comes as laws tighten[] regulations on abortion providers…. For extremists, any setback or defeat is the beginning of the end. I disagree. 1980s-2001. It’s hard to keep track of the conversation with two browser windows open, you know. Every summer there are flash mobs that attack white people in major cities across the country, and we are informed by the media that the perpetrators are ‘youths.’ If the same thing were happening with the races reversed, the media obviously would not be so hesitant to make race a part of it. “Stories are only newsworthy when liberals say they are, and if liberals don’t want to talk about them they’re “hobbyhorses”.”. Subway isn’t selling sandwiches by the foot – their selling small and large sandwiches. Less obvious are claims of ennoblement because of alleged victimhood, a special relationship with God, or membership in a special or elite class and a kind of aloof high-minded snobbishness that accrues because of the weightiness of their preoccupations, their altruism, and their willingness to sacrifice themselves (and others) to their cause. I would agree, but some cons take this to a bizarre extreme and a legitimate obsession with all black on white crime. Always a pleasure talking to you. Gee, that “study” you published perfectly confirms all the things you’ve been saying all along. I never knew $10M could bring so much unhappiness to my life. (Eg, Newt Gingritch, though I don’t see him as a socon and technically he only recognizes annulment, not divorce). Which, to my mind, is nearly double. See also: cookies n cream I would if that was the only way to get around a pro-drive-by-shooting decision of the Supreme Court. Yes, how dare Reason not be your own personal news aggregator, Mike! But I think some on the right who may at first appear that way are simply trying to highlight the disparity of the media narrative in these types of cases more generally. . Sounds like a very serious plan to me dude. There always is. I think it prevented me from being nearly as deviant as I would have been because I could release my sexual urges. I’m not talking about going off to commit mass murder, I’m talking about finding one’s wife unsatisfying because she isn’t a porn actress (for example). through litigation than having government inspectors coming in to weigh the creme before giving a permit to sell it," says Stier. Love Government. What do you think Locke meant when he said, “I made a strong case for you?” Lost was full of hidden word plays. Scott, Oreo, you know, America’s favorite cookie, I think it says on the package, but that’s not what this lawsuit’s about. You bastards have made me laugh hot coffee out my nose. I hope it’s not a thing. What news network reported that? One of us, one of us, one of us…. Jeff Stier, a lawyer and senior fellow with the National Center for Public Policy Research who would oppose any lawsuit against Nabisco, agreed nevertheless to play devil's advocate for me and explain in legal terms how a plaintiff might justify suing Oreos. It is no different that Bloomberg’s big gulp ban. Zimmerman is a Jewish name. Look at how angry Heroic Mulatto is at me just for even bringing this up in the first place. I guess you did not read the article where Nabisco said the product had double the filling? The obvious implication is that the law of advertising consists of actual furry weasels, and that you wish to splash diesel fuel all over the unfortunate/vicious creatures. Purely as a humanitarian I have to point out that if you keep your projector cranked to this level for much longer you’re gonna burn that sucker out and I don’t know that you could bear the blackness of your intellectual vacancy for long enough to repair it. She responded to Nucky when he pursued her and then repeated the same dynamic with Owen. Clearly, this procedure is not relevant in the case of babies, so I’m against outlawing them, even if the mother wants it. Obviously they can still do it. Now that she’s back in, all is well. Though you don’t strike me as being interested, if you are, you can look up Comstock films. The golden Oreos are the double stuf I'm used to, but the original chocolate flavor had the same amount of stuffing as the regular stuffing. This, again, gets back the original point. All issues are ultimately moral issues of right and wrong, good or bad, with the right and good positions coinciding with their interests. Salon hilariously tries to claim that it’s the right who try to turn everything racial. We aren’t all fucking retarded. You’re, you’re taking away the, the good things. “I doubt you want a law that says you can do a drive by shooting if you have admitting privileges at a local hospital.”. The dismissive attitude of that headline misses the point, the mark, the entire ballpark. The Buddhist spiritual path is one that requires one to master one’s sense desires. Was this artisinal mayonnaise deepdish mayonnaise? Yes, and it was primarily to point out the idiocy of left-wing ideas about the Zimmerman case. There is not a determination of abuse necessary to prove for the divorce itself but it can be a subject for custody hearings under no fault divorce laws. It enables them to avoid accepting responsibility. Yes, the lay rightwinger is worse, no question. Jacob Sullum These formative influences made it clear that sex belongs within the context of the family. Seeking to inflame one’s sense desires is counterproductive to what a follower of the 8-fold path is trying to accomplish. X-art has infinitely higher production value and better looking actors, but is a little closer to traditional porn. That said, in my youth the purveyors of the best barbeque were African American. Depends on what kind of fantasies I’d had about the teacher or other classmates. It’s also implemented in ad-free/non-profit contexts. Well isn’t libertarianism extreme? That adds some parties to the equation other than the couple. Whatever it is, it is just around the corner unless we follow their program and listen to their special insight and wisdom, to which only the truly enlightened have access. Why bother? have you read this… Too much weasel, not enough diesel. New York Times is one of the most read papers and it’s crossword one of the most popular. I have no doubt many in the Peanut Gallery associates Democrat with “black activist”. Fraud and product liability are two different things, yes, but I think both should be actionable. They do it through an alkalization method, also referred to as dutching. http://www.scientificamerican……r-children. From 1942 to 1946, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) supported a project to create a domestic source of natural rubber. Whereas your analogies are lucid like a unicorn’s first tears. Your false analogy is false no matter how many times you repeat it. But verily Government Almighty doth sayeth unto thou, “Blessed are those who advance my political doctrine and dogma, because, darn it, I’m right and you’re wrong; you elected me, so do what I say.”, You have heard it said, that “blessed are those who show mercy”. His Luthor was one of the few things I remember about ‘Lois and Clark’. It’s amazing to me how hard it is to convince people who are already convinced HFCS is bad, that the other kinds are just as bad. I can’t speak to the message of deviant porn, not being very familiar with it. The entire bag of what we thought we bought, double stuffed Oreos, were the regular Oreos despite the bag indicating double stuffed. Well, Fletcher’s great (X3) grandson just died. Stop the presses, you guys! The MilleniYurp campaign: Get ready for Y2K, with Yurp 2 Night! “You are harmed by not getting what was represented to you…”. Other than the damage to liberty…. Ok, Lane and Belton could have protected themselves had they been armed. But if people with premises similar to my opponent draw different conclusions than the opponent, that at least stops the opponent from claiming to speak for his faction. That’s her nearly fetal flaw. They measure approx. Don’t wolves hunt coyotes? Why don’t we sue the businesses keeping tabs on us for the governement or something worthwhile? It was a self-defense case that people disagreed on, and it could be used to stir up controversy. Cakes, cookies, truffles, milkshakes… you name it! It doesn’t matter if it’s called high-fructose corn syrup, honey, invert sugar, cane juice solids, sucrose or turbinado, it’s all bad for you. I do not think your understanding is correct. He probably did. “Look at these weirdos worried about porn! "Stuf" doesn't refer to creme or cookie in whole or in part or in any combination thereof. And I’ve never noticed any real moralizing or politicizing. And right on cue, Martin Luther King III proclaims that being white is a “license to commit murder”, as if he heard you and wanted to prove your very point. Each individually wrapped snack pack contains 3 classic Double Stuf cookies and is great for snacking and sharing at home, in the office or on the go. Their establishments were not fancy, but their cuisine was fantastic. OT -A conservative Christian lobbyist group’s latest crusade is the elimination of pornography on college campuses. To reach back a little further in the past, are you saying the O.J. She really wasn’t a strong character. I do not think they are analogous since the .xxx labeling is something that is put upon adults because children MIGHT be involved in viewing. Sure. By whom? In any case, last I checked at the supermarket, double stuff, chocolate stuf, regular stuf Oreos were all the same price. So such a law will in fact require some couples who are absolutely correct in assuming that their marriage is over and not conducive to their children’s well being to stay married for a year. It even has the scary “gangsta rap” angle! And yes it is pretty strange to say “this country was founded by extremists” when trying to stamp out “extremism.” Not to mention isn’t statism extreme? We have some great barbeque in Texas, but nothing is as good as the Memphis-style barbeque served up in small establishments just east of the River in KY and TN. Police One responds to Balko’s book by proving cops are even worse than Balko’s accuses them of being,, So Nabisco specified what ‘stuf’ is in an official statement? It also imposes considerable additional costs on businesses that would have to purchase new TLDs to comply with the law. Tendency to argue by intimidation Extremists tend to frame their arguments in such a way as to intimidate others into accepting their premises and conclusions. And that is two people you fucking retard. So much so that I couldn’t imagine anyone inventing it if it didn’t already exist. Haven’t listened to radio lab enough to know for sure, but This American Life tends to be consistently good with occasional out-of-the-park episodes. Puffery is claiming that Nabisco represented that “these cookies have exactly twice as much jizz per cookie as regular Oreos” when they did no such thing. While I agree that a suit like this every now and then keeps businesses honest, in this example, because the definition of footlong uses the term approximately, they can make the sandwich any damn size they like, from a liability standpoint. When these movies are at their best, it’s the *bad* guys who use reckless violence, while the good guys only use violence in self-defense. The website is the retailing aspect of the business. In fact, the old law allowed abuse victims to get a judicial separation, plus custody, plus getting to keep the house. Problem solved. You’re just adding a normal cookie amount onto the double stuf amount. Is it nanny state to not allow shops to sell cigarettes to children?”. Notice what she does with her left hand after the box is opened and before she removes the baseball cap. Well, duh! I think the socon concern is porn *addiction,* and yes, that can reflect underlying problems, but it can also exacerbate those problems. This is just speculation on my part, but insofar as porn could have a negative influence, its possible that some of that stems from our society’s attitudes about sex. A lot more. We sent a correspondent to see Metallica in China! You do not think so, but these adults, who are in this situation and know the intimate details, think so. "Even in California, this would probably be considered puffery and most lawyers won't waste their time," says public health lawyer Michele Simon, president of Eat Drink Politics by email. If so the children, and the broader society, would benefit. Absolutely. But it really made me sad when I saw this class action come through that you’ve got Oreo, like you said, America’s favorite cookie and they’re getting accused of not having real cocoa and right on the package it says real cocoa. Right. Skyler, on the other hand, seems a much more normal character to me. I don’t think Mark Levin ever made that argument. See Judith S. Wallerstein, Julia M. Lewis and Sandra Blakeslee, *The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce: A 25 Year Landmark Study. Yep, she was just mad about being left out of the loop. The deal was always white people didn’t mention the unpleasant facts that young black men are a menace to themselves and most of society in return for not being called racist. I think this has to do with how “processed” the food is. Colorado State Senator says blacks and hispanics are poor because fried chicken. I can’t talk about Lost without hearing a ten minute whine about Kate. Could it be a hold over from when internet speeds were much slower? Talking about the long con on Locke, Kate. Every fucking on of those points applies to progressives in general and President Obama in particular. Notice her flared sleeves and how her right hand was up while she was in the car on the way to the burial site. I think the number of people “damaged” by thinking that Double Stuf Oreos could be measured by the number of people stopped buying them when they found out it was only 1.86 times as much stuffing. And it is called ‘Double Stuf.’ You really don’t think that is meant to imply it has double the filling? So all of those federal billions that were spent in the name of helping the poor go to college were really just a giant wealth transfer from the taxpayers to a bunch of campus assholes. I heard he was circumcised by a local homebrewer who also made the original “artisanal” mayonnaise. Would you eat something that contains kaempferol, glucoraphanin, gluconasturtiin, glucobrassicin, sulforaphane, and indole-3-carbinol? Radio Lab usually focuses on things with a somewhat more scientific edge, but with a strong human element. Getting the abortion was also asserting control over her life. I think a lot of that is just reaction to the race baiters and hypocritical coverage by the media. Head on over to Top Class Actions. It’s the sort of textbook divide and conquer racial strategy you tend to see in third world kleptocracies where the government officials convince people to ignore their incompetence by blaming all the problems on the Jews, Asians, or whites. I read a study recently about a vegetable-heavy low-fat diet versus a control group of similar children. If you really want to torture yourself you could do like I do and wander down underneath the Hawthorne Bridge and talk politics with the Occupy people at during their drum-thing. I don’t think you know how many porn websites work. Wouldn’t Nabisco reasonably be granted a margin of error for producing their Double Stuf Oreos?

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