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I wish I could bluntly answer with a yes or no and storm out of the gates with a declaration about how much better or worse these earphones are due to their comparative uniqueness. AptX Low Latency should ensure the headphones should avoid any issues with lip-sync, and that proves to be the case during testing. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Enter the Aonic 215 earphones, enclosed in a large, circular package, as if they’re trying to set the tone immediately. The SE215 is actually the hardest to drive of its earbuds, according to Shure, and an update to the ShurePlus Play companion app for iOS and Android will allow you to select which earbuds you're using with the Bluetooth modules. Also in the package: A micr… But, as I said, they really do stay on your ears (and in them, too). Weirdly, they're kind of the audiophile equivalent of the Beats Powerbeats Pro. FIT. These do have physical buttons and the controls are initially pretty limited but will expand through software upgrades that will allow for some customization to the left and right earbud controls (currently, there's no way to advance tracks; nor are there volume controls). While they're expensive and not as feature rich as some competing models, Shure's first true wireless earbuds have an innovative design and stay true to the company's in-ear monitor heritage. Battery life is rated at 8 hours, which is fast becoming the standard for the latest Bluetooth 5.0 true wireless earbuds (the charging case gives you three additional charges for 32 hours total) While the buds automatically turn off when you put them in their charging case, you do have to manually turn each bud on. Call quality was exceptional. By Tim Gideon. But with higher-end Shure earbuds, you're going to want to go wired for critical listening sessions. They have a hook that wraps around the top of your ear and they stayed in my ears very securely (even more securely than the Powerbeats Pro earbuds). There’s an elasticity in the thicker rubber design. I have always been a Shure man. The one difference to note, however, is that the over-ear wires are not malleable. Yeah, it feels a little first-gen. And yeah, it's a little quirky and too expensive, especially when considering its features list is limited compared to some other high-end true wireless earbuds out there. The Aonic 215 are just the opposite. To be clear, the features they do have are solid. Yes. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Menu. They are, however, pleasantly light and comfortable, at least after you briefly fiddle with fitting the stems of the buds behind your ear. Totaal draadloze in-ears zijn een enorme hype, waarbij veel producten klonen zijn van elkaar en bijgevolg dezelfde zwakheden delen. However, if you're looking for a true sports headphones, this isn't it. Voor iets helemaal anders moet je bij Shure zijn, een van de bekendste namen uit de studiowereld. Shure SE-215 - PREFACE. Not your typical AirPods clones, Shure's first true wireless earbuds are kinda like Powerbeats Pros -- but better in some ways. Most earbuds have adopted a compact, pill-adjacent look for their charging cases, but the Aonic 215 reside in a circular case closer to the size of a wallet. It shouldn’t normally be, but that’s the kind of weight class the Aonic 215 is fighting in thanks to their cost. Shure in its pre-CES show unveiled the Aonic 215, a pair of true-wireless in-ear monitors that's out to compete with the likes of the AirPods Pro. It takes a firm poke, but you can effectively play and pause music, answer and end calls, turn environment mode on or off, or activate your voice assistant. October 9, 2017 facebook. Those specs checked out in my time testing them. Lifting the lid reveals the earphones, resting on a foam bed with their charging case sitting in the middle of the pair. It’s not an inconvenient size by any means, but it’s not as pocket friendly as other models available. They’re serviceable, but with songs like Brothers Osborne’s Rum, where a deep note acts as the backbone of the entire track, I found the bass to not be as authoritative as I’m used to. The Aonic 215 true wireless earbuds and Aonic … Shure says the Aonic215 come equipped with sound-isolating technology that blocks up to 37dB of noise, as well as an environment mode that pipes in noise from your surroundings, and both of these did work well in my experience with them. The Aonic 215 are supposed to last up to 8 hours on a single charge, with three additional charges built into their carrying case. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Shure does have a feature that’s fairly unique to other earbuds at this end of the market — a modular design with detachable connections. The companion app lets you adjust the level of transparency. As with other noise-isolating earbuds, it's crucial to get a tight seal to get really good sound. Usually, but not always, it’s small and square. Which brings me to the hot-button issue here. So do the $299 Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2, and they’re our pick for the best sounding true wireless earbuds. As its name implies, the Aonic 215 True Wireless Noise-Isolating Earphones incorporates Shure's SE215 buds, the $99 entry-level model in its line of earbuds that have detachable cables. And like that Beats model, they have a jumbo charging case. Beim Aonic 215 kombiniert Shure den SE 215 mit dem neuen True Wireless Secure Fit Adapter-Set. Shure has long been major player in the pro audio business, but the company has started trying to leverage that experience in consumer headphones too. However, their current model, the True-Wireless Aonic 215, is aimed at the consumer market. (You can use the right earbud on its own for calls for those who care about that feature). Do they sound better than cheaper alternatives like the Galaxy Buds +? These are very simple commands, ones that you don’t realize you dearly miss until you’re forced to jog through an entire Pitbull soundtrack. It also comes in clear, blue and black. Shure has been in the audio business for nearly a century and has a product line ranging from budget options to price tags only an audiophile could love — this is a company with a proven track record of creating great sound, from microphones to headphones. As I said, these are geared toward audiophiles, and they have a more neutral sound profile with well-balanced sound that's nicely detailed and has good definition in the bass. For $230 earbuds to omit sought-after skill sets like active noise cancellation is a mistake. Accurate audio performance with rich lows and clear highs Detachable connections allow for cabled usage Solid passive noise reduction Enter the Aonic 215 earphones, enclosed in a large, circular package, as if they’re trying to set the tone immediately. A Shure rep told me they don't have a water-resistance rating but said they should be fine for light workouts, considering Shure buds are used by musicians, some of whom sweat quite a bit during performances. The Sony WF-1000XM3 are the same price at $230, and while they may be a bit older, they offer better features. Do these sound better than the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2? I didn’t have other Shure earphones to try this out with at the time of my initial review. All rights reserved. The Secure Fit Adapter does come at a fairly hefty cost ($179) on its own, though. But is that a good thing? Home. 4.5. However, Shure only supports mono sound with calls, meaning I had audio just in my right bud. When the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ can last up to 11 hours for half the price, I found myself wanting more — especially from a pair that doesn’t have ANC to bog down playback times, as is the case with both the Sony and Sennheiser. Shure Aonic 215 ⭐ review. But the active noise cancellation featured in products like the Sony WF-1000XM3 and the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 ia superior. And double pressing the left or right control button activates a transparency mode so you can hear what's going on around you and also hear your voice in the buds when you're making a voice call. I didn’t experience a single shift while wearing these on a jog through the park, whereas traditional earbuds have failed to stay in place on more than a handful of occasions. What's interesting about them is that the Bluetooth module is detachable. Maroon 5's frontman Adam Levine is promoting new Shure headphones, which also include a full-size noise-canceling model. Absolutely, though I’m not sure the average listener would be able to say they sound twice as good. April 5, 2020. Review. ... despite sharing the Series name with the 215 and 50. ¨ä¹Ÿç¸½ç®—有個機會可以慢慢細聽,現在就給大家一個開箱動手玩吧! The prices in this review has been updated to reflect that. Expect these earphones to be durable and ready for the long haul. But I liked the Aonic 215. Shure's first true wireless earphones, the Aonic 215, are nothing if not unique.The earpieces have ear hooks for added stability, the charging case looks more like a zip-up pouch, and the accessories include multiple in-ear fit options and a cleaning tool. Copyright ©2020 Designtechnica Corporation. Is that a fair comparison? Well-recorded tracks and albums like Caetona Veloso and David Byrne Live at Carnegie Hall come across really nicely. That's too bad because they are decent for making calls and have two beamforming microphones in the right Bluetooth module to pick up your voice. By Ziya McKinley. That is, it has an over-ear wire and shells that fit snugly in the contours of your ear. Editor’s note: this Shure AONIC 50 review was updated on November 20, 2020, to include deals. I had always considered myself to be aligned with the latter since most I’ve used were heavy and made my ears feel cramped. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it an industry standard, but there’s a certain perception in regard to the package a set of earbuds come in. The SE846s are easier to drive than the SE215s, so they play a little louder. The next generation should add stereo voice calls but it can't be added to the current model. Usually, but not always, it’s small and square. With the Aonic 215, Shure made a pair of comfortable, smooth-sounding earphones that are easy to grab and go with. A triple press activates your device's voice assistant. Available in four colour options (clear, black, white, blue) Aonic 215 next to the Beats Powerbeats Pro. Shure Aonic 215 - Shure are known as one of the premier manufacturers in the field of professional in-ear technology. If you’re already looking to spend in the ballpark of the Shure earphones, it’d be worth making the extra $20 jump to the Sennheiser. Recently, we reviewed the Shure Aonic 50 noise-cancelling headphones, which we found to be excellent-sounding, albeit with a high price tag.But the company is also hopping aboard the true wireless trend with the Shure Aonic 215 headphones. Overall, I think this a cool concept. Shure could also be a widely known audio model amongst musicians and audiophiles, but it surely form of missed the boat on client wi-fi headphones. But with the Aonic 215, it’s just not that simple. The Shure AONIC 215 true wireless earbuds are the company’s take on what a good sounding pair of true wireless earbuds should be, but what is that, exactly? But the ability to turn other earphones — like the $999 SE846, the $349 SE535, or the $199 SE425 — into a wireless version of themselves is a significant selling point for existing Shure enthusiasts. More importantly, the ear hooks on the earphones — known as the Secure Fit Adapter — can be purchased separately to make other compatible Shure earphones truly wireless. Innovative design with detachable Bluetooth module, Several ear tips included to ensure you get a tight seal, Includes Shure SE215 earbuds but you can attach other Shure earbuds, Detailed, accurate sound with tight bass and transparency mode, 8 hours of battery life with three additional charges from charging case (32 hours total), Good call quality, though sound is only mono for calls, Mono voice calls (sound only comes out of right earbud), Discuss: Shure Aonic 215 review: True wireless earbuds for audiophiles. But it’s 2020. Like the SE215, the AONIC 215 TW employs the classic IEM design. Lifting the lid reveals the earphones, resting on a foam bed with their charging case sitting in the middle of the pair. Otherwise, there are better buds out there, often at much better prices. After extensive listening with the Aonic 215, I can confidently say these earphones live up to the pedigree of their brand.

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